Pride in food are privileged to be working with lemberona of Austria

Gluten free markets continue to grow in the UK in 2014
21st January 2017

Pride in Food are privileged to be working with Lemberona of Austria on the introduction of many novel Fairtrade products to the UK from around the world, but in particular from the Samarkand region of Uzbekistan.

The Samarkand region is a natural oasis for organic fruits, nuts and vegetables and the formation of Fairtrade Farmer groups has generated some world exclusive Fairtrade marked organic products.

The list keeps growing from the initial introduction of Fairtrade organic cherries (both sweet and sour) there followed pomegranates from the beautiful plantation at Varganza, where Fairtrade premiums allowed the construction of a Tea House meeting room, situated on the edge of the village, close to the ancient Silk road passing nearby en route to the Pamir mountains. You can read about the reasoning behind the contruction of this Tea house in the link below, as it is a means to an end for improving irrigation for the farmers crops.

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Next came Apricot kernels, almonds, walnuts, followed by sultanas and raisins from the region. The raisins include Black Beauty and Brown Manucca, both ancient grape varieties grown for centuries in the region.

Chick peas are a staple diet in Uzbekistan and gained the Fairtrade mark along with Tatar, Black eye, Calypso and Mung beans.

The list goes on to include an exclusive range of Fairtrade Oils, Walnuts (also Fairtrade in nut format of course by now), sesame, Apricot kernel, Almond and more to come.

Such is the development of Fairtrade products from the Samarkand region, it will not be too long before there are over 150 Fairtrade items available including numerous sun dried vegetables and herbs. In fact it is easy to comprehend eating 100% Fairtrade goods and at the same time enjoying an extremely varied vegetarian or vegan diet in the process.