Gluten free markets continue to grow in the UK in 2014

Pride in food are privileged to be working with lemberona of Austria
21st January 2017

The Gluten Free sector of the UK food market continues to grow during 2014 and is predicted to reach sales somewhere close to £560m by 2017 (s. Food Manufacture) Most major supermarkets have a “Free From” section that is increasing in footprint all the time. However, the choices for Coeliacs and gluten reducers still seems shallow, with bread, cakes and bakery goods in general dominating the fixture. Lemberona, based in Vienna, Austria, has launched a range of organic, gluten free flours and grains to assist manufactures expand the choices made available to the gluten free sector.

Products include:

Amaranth Flour
Buckwheat – grain, flakes and flour
Corn Flour
Golden Millet and golden millet flour
Jasmin rice flour
Quinoa flour Soy beans, flakes and flour
Chickpea flour – also Fairtrade certified

Not content with ingredient supply, Lemberona have also launched an extensive range of retail snacks, spreads and recipe mixes:

Organic roasted salted peanuts gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic roasted salted almonds gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic roasted salted cashews gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic dark chocolate almonds gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic dark chocolate cinnamon almonds – FAIRTRADE
Organic Quinoa Royal gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic Garnish Mix – FAIRTRADE
Organic Chickpeas canned gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic Calypso Beans canned gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic Hummus – FAIRTRADE
Organic Tahini gluten free – FAIRTRADE
Organic Peanut Butter – FAIRTRADE
FAIRTRADE Organic Falafel Mix gluten free NEW
All in all, over 25 new Gluten Free, organic and in many cases Fairtrade products are now available in the market place.

For more information on how to source these products email
Or check out the link on this website:

You can view and purchase many of the retail items at the forthcoming “Love Natural, Love Organic show”, Olympia, London, July 4-6, stand L62.